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Dear visitors,

Our website ( in Coordination with Conveying Islamic Message Society ( presents this service.

Despite the distorted image that is promoted by media, the world witnesses unexpected wide spread of the religion of Islam, and this is an absolute proof that this religion has extraordinary attractive force, once the one starts to read about this religion's principles and values.

For this reason our site will provide our visitors with a new service, as you can get any of the following books for free. Not only that, but also these books will reach your home anywhere.

You can order up to 3 books monthly and We will send them to your door for free with no charge at all. Of course the priority will be to non-muslims or Muslims who can not easily get Islamic books, especially in non-islamic countries.

You only shall Fill the order form



 Sample books

Holy Quran A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam Islam The religion of All The True Religion of Islam Existence of GOD Prophecies in the Bible for the Advent of Muhammad Priests Embracing Islam The Quran and Modern Science Compatible Incompatible
Principles of Islam Prayers Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions The Concept of God in Islam Women in Islam Innocence of Jesus Stories of New Muslims Is the Bible God’s Word



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