The prophet Muhammad was a religious and political figure whose mission was to unite the various tribes of the Arabian peninsula specifically, and the whole world generally, under one religion.  As an example for the world to follow, the life and decisions of the Prophet Muhammad are those from which much benefit and wisdom may be drawn. 

Let us examine closely the square-structured Ka'bah (The Holy House) at Makkah, in Arabia, wherein in its Eastern corner lies the Black Stone set up chest-high.

Islam means to submit to Allah, adhere to obeying Him, and be free from worshipping any others besides Allah. There is no good except that which Islam ordered for it to be done, and there is no evil except that which it prohibited. Applying Islam guarantees everyone to be able to live in security and peace in light of its system, which safeguards rights for all.

It has always been said that the attitude of non-Muslim communities towards Islamic rule is a critical and delicate question, which many people hesitate to discuss for fear of causing dissension between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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