6) Conveying the message of Islam

1) The five pillars of Islam

1.1) Shahada

1.2) Pray five times a day (salat)

1.3) Fasting during Ramadan (sawm)

1.4) Zakat

1.5) Hajj


7) Dealing with family and friends

2) Gender Relations


8) Increasing your knowldege and strengthening your faith

3) Dietary Considerations


9) Names

4) Earning and Spending your Wealth


10) Common vocabulary

5) Cleanliness


11) Conclusions



Assalamu alaykum (peace be upon you)!

We would like to congratulate you upon taking the most important and meaningful decision of your life by submitting  to the will of our Creator and Sustainer, Allah.  On behalf of the almost two billion Muslims (and growing) from around the world we would like to welcome you with open arms.

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In order to enter the fold of Islam and become a Muslim, there are no specific religious rituals or customs that one needs to perform, neither in specific areas nor in front of specific people.

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