"Scientific teams" are a new basis with which Muslims changed the way of thinking of former scientists. For the first time in history, Muslims formed an integrated scientific team that included more than a scientist specialized in more than a field. Eventually, they provided us with a useful integrated work, which would not see light unless it relied on more than a scientific specialization.


Al-Kindi was born in Kufa about 800 CE. His full name is: Abu-Yusuf Ya‘qub ibn Ishaq ibn as-Sabbah ibn ‘Omran ibn Isma‘il al-Kindi. He was the son of the governor of Kufa, an important city in Southern Iraq at that time. He studied first in Kufa and at Baghdad, and won a high reputation at the courts of al-Mam'un (reigned until 833) and al-Mu'tassim (reigned 833–842) as scholar, scientist, and philosopher.


Ibn-Khaldun described him in his book when he came to talk about chemistry and said, ''The pioneer in chemistry was Jabir Ibn-Hayan, they even attribute the science to him and say ‘the science of Jabir’, and he wrote seventy books on chemistry''

It is remarkable when a human being is deemed as one of the faces of civilization.  We often ascribe civilization to the achievements of a group of people who have excelled in contributing to the knowledge of fields such as medicine, engineering, and architecture.

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